As much as I love being creative, I am equally passionate about business. I have always had a career on the side of my acting. I didn’t want to bartend, I wanted a business card. One of my first jobs in Hollywood was as an editor, logging footage from red carpet events. I was quickly promoted to producer doing red carpet interviews at blow out award shows and premieres. As a young actor, this was a dream job. I got to talk to my idols. My favorite interview was Kevin Kline at the De-Lovely premiere. Most memorable was Stevie Wonder at a benefit for Muhammed Ali. Coolest girl, hands down was Charlize Theron at the Aeon Flux premiere. Most surprising moment was when Will Ferrell put his lollipop in my mouth at the Elf Premiere. 

That first job gave me the opportunity to interview every icon in the business from Muhammed Ali to Steven Spielberg to Meryl Streep to Clint Eastwood.

Learning how these events worked early on helped shape my career as a young actor. As an entrepreneur, it allowed me the chance to help a startup grow into a profitable business that had top competitors courting me to come do the same for them.  

Prairie Surf Media

Founder and Co-CEO

Rachel Cannon is an entertainment executive, entrepreneur, mentor, accomplished television actress, writer and producer. With an acting career in Los Angeles that spans 20 years with over 80 network television credits, Cannon has been featured on iconic television series like “Big Bang Theory,” “Two and a Half Men,” “Mad Men,” and for the last 6 years she played Deidre on ABC’s hit comedy, “Fresh Off The Boat.” Combining her on-set experience with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Cannon is determined to bring more creative opportunities for film and television to her home State.

As CEO of Prairie Surf Studios, Cannon operates a 1.3m Sq Ft full service film studio with 5 massive soundstages. Since the doors opened in 2021, she has recruited high-end clients such as Taylor Sheridan’s “Tulsa King” with Stallone and “Twisters”, the 2024 summer blockbuster for NBC Universal by Frank Marshall.

Rachel recently joined the Board of Directors for Oklahoma State Chamber. 


Producers Frank Marshall & Pat Crowley

Producers Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley with Rachel and her Director of Operations at Prairie Surf Studios, Hagan Hunter.

“I never dreamed of success, I worked for it.”

Estee Lauder