So excited to announce my upcoming project called “Send Me Wings” where I was brought in to star, produce and co-write this beautiful faith-based short film. It is executive produced by Christian Faith Publishing and will be directed by Lance McDaniel of the Deadcenter Film Festival. This will hopefully be the first of many Oklahoma collaborations!!

For so many years, my focus has been solely in the pursuit of acting gigs. This year, I’m starting a new chapter and really cutting my teeth as a writer and producer and I am LOVING IT. “Send Me Wings” was a refreshing opportunity to dive into the deep end and get my hands dirty on ALL levels!! Partnering with Lance has been super fun. We have spent so much time making sure the heart of this story gets told with a script that we love and we can’t wait to bring it to life this weekend!! Being involved with locations, wardrobe, casting, etc has been amazing. I even got to bring in a couple of my incredibly talented friends from Hollywood to co-star in this one!! Jen Dede Kelly and Thomas Kelly are going to knock your socks off… just you wait!

Stay tuned this weekend to my IG+FB Stories for some fun BTS from set while we film this incredibly moving short film!!

More to ALL of this… yes please and thank you.

Check out the article HERE in “The Oklahoman” for more details!!