I partner with women like you. Women that are busy, but they want more. Women that are scared, but they do it anyway. Women that lift other women up. Women that want to be part of an inclusive sisterhood. Women that are ready to dream without boundaries.

 .  .  .

“One night in college, I was sitting alone with no one to call and I had a vision of something I was supposed to create: a safe space for women. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, I just knew I was being called to do it. Soon after, I left for LA, determined to establish a name for myself as an actor so I could bring this platform for women to life. I knew I just needed my own TV Series, which would probably take a couple of months of auditioning (#insertrealitycheck). I quickly realized it may take a smidge longer than anticipated but I stayed the course. I started to seek out and align myself with awesome women that were also committed to the cause… no woman sits alone in the dark ever again. 
. . .
6 years ago, I started a skincare business – it cost me less than $1000 and it changed my face (#noneedlesneeded) but it also changed my life. My platform to help women came disguised in the form of this fun little side gig I started with my sister. We built a beautiful community where women rally around each other and lift the circle. They are the first ones to show up when life sends a wrecking ball – I’ve watched it happen 50x in the last few years. The way this community loves each other is the thing I’m most proud of. My vision from 20 years ago came to life and it’s so beautiful.”


You are craving a community of supportive, like-minded women to walk thru ALL the seasons of LIFE + BUSINESS beside you.
You want more TIME in your life. For you. Your family. Your dreams.
You are tired of saying “no” to things you want because you can’t afford them.
You want to build a business on YOUR terms that feels authentic and exciting.
You’re in transition searching for your next chapter.

That's where I come in!

Whether you’re looking to really shake things up with a big career move, or you simply want a side-hustle you can work around your busy life — I’m here to help. I would love the chance to walk beside you in this next chapter of your life.

“I never dreamed of success, I worked for it.”

Estee Lauder