I believe in the power of women. Women that are busy, but they still want more. Women that are scared, but they do it anyway. Women that lift other women up. Women that want to be part of an inclusive sisterhood. Women that are ready to dream without boundaries. Those are my kinda ladies. 

The world needs more female CEO’s. It’s our turn ladies. Stand up.

Words are powerful. My fave word that will CHANGE your LIFE…. YET. Just pop it on the end of every negative thought that is paralyzing you with fear and preventing you from reaching your potential! It’s loaded with grace and permission to dream bigger and do more! Just because you have yet to do it doesn’t mean you aren’t brilliantly capable of doing so. It just means you haven’t done it… YET. 

I don’t need you to have all the answers. I need you to be brave enough to simply begin. 

As the CEO of Prairie Surf Studios, I had my own share of fears in standing up a new vertical that required legislation, establishing a new production market and fundraising. Rather than letting those fears hold me back, I took financial accounting classes at Harvard Business School online, found mentors, hired consultants and listened to podcasts. I leaned in so hard to the things I didn’t know, that I shifted to the other side of that fear and became fearless wearing an indestructible armor of knowledge. People fear what they do not know. So go learn the shit out of the things that scare you the most. And then remove them from your path. Keep moving forward towards the big beautiful vision God has in store for you. He doesn’t illuminate the whole path for you. But he will shine a light on your next steps if you look closely and are willing to walk into the darkness. You can walk in faith or you can walk in fear. You can not walk in both. It’s your choice. Do you want to play it safe? Or do you want to live the life He has in store for you? 

Get out there and get uncomfortable, ladies. Cast that vision and make it BOLD. Focus on all the small wins along the way and they will start to add up to substantial milestones. This is your life. No one is going to come make it happen for you. Go get it. 

Evolve Women's Conference 2023

Loved speaking the the OKC Women’s Evolve Conference 2023. What an incredible opportunity to share the stage with Gretchen Carlson, Sharina Perry, Dr Mautra Jones, Kelly Goldsmith and more to pour into the women of Oklahoma City! Thank you OCU for putting on such a wonderful conference for our business community. 

State Chamber Board of Directors

I’m honored to be asked to sit on the 2023-2024 Board of Directors for our State Chamber. I look forward to collaborating with some of our state leaders to find a better way FORWARD for Oklahomans. 

Looking for a change in YOUR life? 


I chose to dedicate a large part of my life to supporting other women in business. My sister and I started a skincare business in 2014 that grew very quickly. We hit the top 1% of the company and became car achievers in our first year and I went on to hit the top title before year three. This achievement earned me stage recognition at our national convention, which I did with a newborn strapped to my chest in front of 15,000 of my peers: a message I thought was very important for women to see which was a present mother that was also a powerful business woman. Alongside some of our top leaders, Lacy and I built a community of women that to this day is one of my most treasured gifts in life. Friendships that span across the country with the mission to lift up the women in your life. 


It’s time to take a chance on YOU.


While I’m not growing my personal team anymore, the women I have trained are and I’d love to connect you to one of them if you are looking for a mentor that will empower you to grow something incredible in your life by following your lead. 

Whether you’re looking to really shake things up with a big career move, or you simply want a side-hustle you can work around your busy life like I did — My team is here to help. I would love the chance to connect you to one of the girls on my team so we can walk beside you in this next chapter of your life. 


xo, RC

Be bold in the pursuit of your dreams!

“I never dreamed of success, I worked for it.”

Estee Lauder