My own website. It’s really happening. Well, this feels big. I’ve wanted a space for all my things for quite some time but the idea of creating it just felt overwhelming. Now that it’s done, psh, what took me so long bc oh my goodness, oh my goodness, I love this so much!! So, what is this website anyway?? It is a place for all of the wonderful, crazy, hair-brained but brilliant ideas in my head to land on paper and currently, I have a lot of them! This year has been an incredible source of transition for me and with that came a clear purpose to define a new chapter. And boy oh boy have I jumped in with both feet. I’m so excited about this new journey.

I get asked daily… “GIRL… what are you doing??” Well, I’ve started a production company with Matt Payne and we have multiple projects in development; finished a short film I co-wrote, produced and starred in called Send Me Wings with Lance McDaniel; I am starting up Season 6 of Fresh Off the Boat on ABC; launching a podcast and coaching platform with my darling friend, Jen Dede Kelly about the Modern Entrepreneur (celebrating all of our BOSS friends out there crushing it on the road less traveled!), still using R+F to help women create change in their lives and fall in love with their skin—  and I am loving ALL OF IT. Writing that out loud sounds exhausting haha but it is ALL moving in the same direction so it works!! A brilliant friend told me “as long as you are on brand, you can DO IT ALL”.

This site felt like the best way to keep you up to date on #allthethings behind the scenes!! WELCOME and thank you for all your love + support. It is felt, appreciated + returned!!