For as long as I can remember, playing make-believe has been a part of my job description. Being a working actress has been an extraordinary gift that has allowed me to create characters and collaborate with some of the most talented people I know. There is nothing that will ever match the high that comes from show night on a multi-cam sitcom stage. It. is. Magic. 

Live audience sitcom concept in the works by Prairie Surf Media!

Stay tuned!

Reagan biopic starring Dennis Quaid was filmed in Guthrie, Oklahoma and will premiere February 2023. I got to play the super fun role of Betty, which you will see in the trailers! Loved getting to work with my friend, Sean McNamara on this incredible film that will show his incredible talent as a director! Can’t wait to share this one with you guys! 

Cowgirl’s Song is now streaming on Netflix starring Cheryl Ladd, Darci Lynn Farmer and Savannah Lee May. I played the role of Candace May, Darci and Savannah’s mother in this sweet film shot in Oklahoma. Also stars the incredibly talented barrel racer, Amberley Snyder who if you don’t know her powerful story, you should!

Fresh Off the Boat wrapped a wonderful 6 season run in 2020. I couldn’t be more grateful to have been a part of this series from start to finish. Love my Fresh Family. Binge the series on Hulu to catch me giving LIFE to the ever-so-sassy, neighborhood queen bee… Deidre. I’ll love her forever. 

Mad Men final season I got to star opposite Jon Hamm as Don Draper’s truth-slinging realtor, Melanie Davis. The entire experience was one I will never forget. Working with legendary characters. The dreamiest wardrobe by Janie Bryant accompanied by the perfect hair and makeup catapulted me back into yesterday. The chance to be part of it all was an absolute dream. If you haven’t yet binged this series on Netflix – GO.