For as long as I can remember, playing make-believe has been a part of my job description. Being a working actress has been an extraordinary gift that has allowed me to create characters and collaborate with some of the most talented people I know. There is nothing that will ever match the high that comes from show night on a multi-cam sitcom stage. It. is. Magic. I’m ready to bring that to a whole new level in the heartland. More coming on that soon.

Catch me on “Fresh Off the Boat” giving LIFE to the ever-so-sassy, neighborhood queen bee… Deidre.

Stay tuned for updates on “Send Me Wings” – a faith based film I starred in, co-wrote and produced in Oklahoma.

“Fresh Off the Boat” just got a renewal for Season 6, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Love my Fresh Family. You can binge the series on Hulu or catch it live Friday nights on ABC. #TGIF #actorlife #FreshOffTheBoat

in the works!


Prairie Surfing Productions

I am so excited to announce that I have launched this new production company with Matt Payne to develop content specifically for Oklahoma — TV, Film, Animation, Documentaries, Shorts, etc. We want to tell the stories we know YOU want to hear. Along with our production company, we have a fun project in the works to bring an Entertainment Experience to OKC like you’ve never seen. Stay Tuned!!

Send me wings - Short Film

I was brought in to co-write, produce and star in a beautiful little short film called Send Me Wings that was filmed in Oklahoma under the helm of Lance McDaniel (director, DeadCenter). We are in the film festival submission process now and can’t wait to share this with you!! Story was based on a song by Bobby Cyrus that was brought to us by Christian Faith Publishing. Follow us on social for updates!! IG + FB.

Oklahoma Tax Rebate

The new Oklahoma Tax Rebate (35% back for film budgets between 50K – 8M) will attract productions into our state. We are building a Creative Campus to encourage them to not only shoot here, but stay for Post production and use our brilliant musicians for an extra 2% rebate! This is the beginning of something beautiful in the Heartland. We can’t wait to be on the ground floor of this incredible new era! Click HERE for more information

“I never dreamed of success, I worked for it.”

Estee Lauder