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Tears on Demand? Right on top of that, Rose.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to land in the extraordinary care of acting coach, Warner Loughlin. She was different than the others. She didn't yell at you or cut you down when you put up a scene that was less than wonderful. Instead she called...

RISE Weekend with Rachel Hollis!

I looked around this room packed with 7,500 women. The tears were abundant and the burden in the air was thick. We all stood holding on to this piece of paper that marked us in ways we weren’t comfortable accepting out loud. So, she smartly had us swap papers with a stranger, then another stranger, then another until we no longer knew where our list was. “If you won’t stand up for you… will you stand up for Her?” Before she even called out the first one — I was sobbing. What a powerful step forward for sisterhood.

Meet our Small but MIGHTY Crew. #SendMeWings

We just wrapped production for "Send Me Wings" in Alva, Oklahoma and my heart is SO FULL. Our crew was small but MIGHTY under the helm of our visionary director, Lance McDaniel. Our footage was beautifully captured by our our DP, Chris Hunt and Lighting Guru, Dave...

Featured in The Oklahoman for “Send Me Wings”

So excited to announce my upcoming project called "Send Me Wings" where I was brought in to star, produce and co-write this beautiful faith-based short film. It is executive produced by Christian Faith Publishing and will be directed by Lance McDaniel of the...

Girl… what are you doing??

I get asked that daily. This site felt like the best way to keep you up to date on #allthethings behind the scenes!! WELCOME and thank you for all your love + support. It is felt, appreciated + returned!!

“I never dreamed of success, I worked for it.”

Estee Lauder